Hapkido is a Korean martial art which follows the path of least resistance. The name is a combination of 3 words, hap ki do. Hap means to combine in harmony, ki means means power of mind and body, and do means way or life or discipline. It is literally the discipline of using the power of your mind and body to create harmony. When defending yourself, this harmony is found in flowing with your opponent or attacker.

In Hapkido, you will learn effective self-defense techniques against:

  • grabs
  • punches
  • kicks
  • weapons

You will learn how to use:

  • chokes
  • throws
  • pressure points
  • wrist grabs
  • joint locks

To control and attacker, as well as learning how to fall correctly to avoid injury.

Our Hapkido classes are for ages 12 years old and up, and are available in Anchorage and Eagle River.

Anchorage: 700 W 58th Ave suite A, Anchorage, AK 99518 (Between Arctic Blvd and C St)
Eagle River: 10126 E Eagle River Loop Rd, Eagle River, AK 99577 (Upstairs in the gym of Kings Way Assembly of God)